Card 1: What is Presure?


Pressure is defined as perpendicular force acting on a surface per unit area.


Card 2: Formula of Pressure

Formula of Pressure

P = Pressure
F = Force
A = Contact Area

Card 3: Factors affecting the magnitude of Pressure:

Factors affecting the magnitude of Pressure:

Magnitude of the force:
The larger the force, the higher the pressure.

Contact area:
The larger the contact area, the lower the pressure.

Card 4: S.I. Unit of Pressure:

S.I. Unit of Pressure:

The S.I. unit of pressure is:



1Pa = 1 Nm-2

Other units:
cmHg, atm


Card 5: Application Involving High Pressure

Application Involving High Pressure

  • Sharp Knife
  • Ice-Skate
  • Sole with spike

Card 6: Application Involving Low Pressure

Application Involving Low Pressure

  • Foundation of Building
  • Snow Shoes
  • Tyre of Tractor
  • Feet of Elephant


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Card 8: Empty Card



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Card 10: Empty Card



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