Pressure in Liquid

Card 1: Pressure in Liquid

Pressure in Liquid

Pressure in liquid is due to the weight of the liquid acting on the surface of any objects in the liquid.


Card 2: Formula - Pressure Caused by Liquid

Formula: Pressure Caused by Liquid

P = Pressure
h = depth
ρ = density of liquid
g = Gravitational Field Strength

Example 1

fish in water

Figure above shows a fish in a lake. Find the pressure of water exerted on the fish. (Density of water = 1000kg/m3)


Pressure caused by water,
P = hρg
P = (3-1.8)(1000)(10)=12000Pa

Card 3: Formula - Pressure in Liquid

Formula: Pressure in Liquid

P = Pressure
Patm = Atmospheric Pressure

h = Depth
ρ = Density of liquid
g = Gravitational Field Strength

Card 4: Characteristic 1

Characteristic 1:

The pressure in a liquid increases with depth.

Card 5: Characteristic 2

Characteristic 2:

The pressure at any point of a liquid acts equally in all direction.

Card 6: Characteristic 3

Characteristic 3:

For a given liquid, the pressure at a point within it varies only with the vertical depth of the point below the surface of the liquid.

Pressure in liquid does not depends on
- the shape of the container.
- the size of the container.
- the area of its surface

Card 7: Characteristic 4

Characteristic 4:

Pressure in liquid depends only on its vertical distance from the surface of the liquid.

Pressure at A = Pressure at B

Card 8: Application - Dam

Application: Construction of Dam

The wall of the dam is built thicker at the bottom to withstand a higher pressure.

The generator is placed at the lower part so that the pressure of the water is high enough to drive the turbine.

Card 9: Application - Public Water Supply System

Application: Public Water Supply System

The water tower is built at high place so that the water has sufficient pressure to flow to consumer’s house.

Card 10: Empty Card

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