Application of Atmospheric Pressure

Card 1: Rubber Sucker

Rubber Sucker

-When the sucker is pressed into place, the air inside is forced out.
-The sucker is held in position by the high atmospheric pressure on the outside surface.

Card 2: Syringe



When the piston is pulled up, the atmospheric pressure inside the cylinder will decrease. The atmospheric pressure outside pushes the liquid up into the syringe.

Card 3: Straw


-When a person suck through the straw, the pressure in the straw become low.
-The atmospheric pressure outside which is higher will force the water into the straw and consequently into the mouth.

Card 4: Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

When a vacuum cleaner is switched on, it sucks out the air inside the cleaner, causes the pressure inside the cleaner become low.

The atmospheric pressure which is higher in magnitude, forces the air and duct particles into the cleaner.

Card 5: Empty Card

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Card 6: Empty Card

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Card 7: Empty Card

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