Linear Motion

Card 1: Linear Motion

Linear Motion

Linear motion is the movement of an object along a straight line.


Card 2: What is distance?


The distance traveled by an object is the total length that is traveled by that object.

Unit: metre (m)

Type of Quantity: Scalar quantity

Card 3: What is Displacement?


Displacement of an object from a point of reference, O is the shortest distance of the object from point O in a specific direction.

Unit: metre (m)

Type of Quantity: Vector quantity

Card 4: What is the difference between distance and displacement?

Distance vs Displacement

Distance travelled = 200m
Displacement = 120 m, in the direction of Northeast

Distance is a scalar quantity,
Displacement is a vector quantity

Card 5: What is speed


Speed is the rate of change in distance.


Unit: ms-1

Type of quantity: Scalar quantity

Card 6: What is velocity


Velocity is the rate of change in displacement.


Unit: ms-1

Type of quantity: Vector quantity

Card 7: What is acceleration?


Acceleration is the rate of velocity change.Acceleration is a vector quantity


Unit: ms-2

Type of quantity: Vector quantity

Card 8: Notes - Acceleration

Notes - Acceleration

  • An object moves with a constant velocity if the magnitude and direction of the motion is always constant.
  • An object experiences changes in velocity if
    • the magnitude of velocity changes
    • the direction of the motion changes.
  • An object that experiences changes in velocity is said to have acceleration.
  • An object traveling with a constant acceleration, a, if the velocity changes at a constant rate.
Card 9: 4 Equations for Uniform Acceleration Motion

4 Equations of Uniform Acceleration

The above equation is for solving numerical problems involving uniform acceleration.

Card 10: Summary of the equation


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