Scientific Investigation

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Card 1: What is scientific method?

Scientific Method

Scientific method is a body of technique of acquiring knowledge about the nature and its phenomena.

Card 2: What are the basic steps of scientific investigation?

Basics Steps of Scientific Investigation

  1. Identifying problem
  2. Making hypothesis
  3. Plannig the investigation
  4. Identifying and Controlling Variable
  5. Conducting the experiment
  6. Collecting and recording data
  7. Analysing and interpreting data
  8. Making conclusion
  9. Preparing the report
Card 3: The 2 main scientific skills

The 2 main scientific skills

  • Science process skill (Mental skill)
  • Manipulative skill (Hand skill)
Card 4: The 6 Science Process Skill (OCCMIP)

The 6 Science Process Skill (OCCMIP)

  • Observation
  • Communication
  • Classification
  • Measurement
  • Inference
  • Prediction
Card 5: Examples of Manipulative Skill

Examples of Manipulative Skill

  1. Handling apparatus and material correctly.
  2. Handling speciment correctly
  3. Clean apparatus correctly
  4. Storing apparatus and reagents correctly
Card 6: What is hypothesis?


Hypothesis is a suggested explanation for a specific phenomenon.

Card 7: What is inference?


Inference is the act or process of deriving a conclusion based on what one already knows.

Card 8: What is variable?


Variable is a quantity whose value may change in an experiment. It is the parameter that may influence the outcome of an experiment or the data been collected in the experiment.

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