Form 4

1 Introduction to Biology

1.1 The Study of Biology
1.2 The scientific Investigation

2 Cell Structure and Organisation

2.1a Cellular Componets and Their Function
2.1b Comparison of an Animal Cell and Plant Cell
2.1c Relationship between Densities of Cwetain organelles with the Function of Specific Cell
2.2a Cell Organisation - Unicellular and Multicellular Organism
2.2b Human Organ System
2.2c The internal Environment of Multicellular Organism

3. Movement of Substances Across the Plasma Membrane

4. Chemical Composition of the Cell

5. Cell Division

6. Nutrition

7. Respiration

8. Dynamic Ecosystem

9. Endanger Ecosystem

Form 5

1. Transport

2. Locomotion and Support

3. Coordination and Response

4. Reproduction and Growth

5. Inheritance

6. Variation